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The Villain Sticker Bundle

The Villain Sticker Bundle

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(1) 2" x 4" Waves Waterproof Sticker

(1) 2" x 3" The Way Waterproof Sticker Hot Colors

(1) 2" x 3" The Way Waterproof Sticker Goth Colors

(1) 3" x 3" Lions Waterproof Sticker 

(1) 3" x 3" Two Wrong Souls Waterproof Sticker 

(1) 2.5" Nowhere Waterproof Sticker 

(1) 3" x 3" Fire Waterproof Sticker Red 

(1) 3" x 3" Fire Waterproof Sticker Blue 

(1) 2.5" x 3" Devil Waterproof Sticker

(1) 2" x 3" Demons Waterproof Sticker

(1) 2" x 3" The Bottom Waterproof Sticker 

(1) 2" x 3" Violence Waterproof Sticker

All of our stickers are printed on weatherproof paper and laminated with a waterproof seal that helps to make the sticker thick and protected against water and scratches! Perfect for use on water bottles, laptops, phones, etc. *We do not recommended you put our stickers in the dishwasher. This may melt the adhesive on the waterproof seal and cause the ink to bleed underneath. Hand wash only.*

All stickers are designed and handmade by Gloom City!

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